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Weapon Use & Defense

Personal Safety Unlimited offers numerous self-defense and combative weapon use courses as well as modern weapon defense training. Courses offered throughout Indiana and elsewhere.
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W.A.S.P. - Weapon Assault Survival Principles
This simple course is designed to teach participants to successfully deal with various types of weapons assaults... Defend against knife, club, gun, and improvised weapon attacks! Through the concept of "transference" learn how to use the very same movements to successfully deal with empty-hand attacks as well. This unique program is based on simple gross-motor skills that are easy to learn, easy to retain, and easy to use under the stress of a real assault. No fancy or complex martial arts techniques, only effective life-saving skills!
S.A.B.E.R. Method- Tactical Edged Weapon Defense
The S.A.B.E.R. Method, Strategic Anti-Blade Engagement Response Method is a basic course designed to teach simple gross-motor tactics to counter edged weapon attacks. Covers aspects of mind-set, body positioning, creating distance, weapon interception, counter-strikes, finishing tactics, escape tactics, and more.
Firearm Retention and Disarm Tactics
Firearm Retention- A course designed for law enforcement, security officers, and civilians who are licensed to carry firearms. Learn to keep your firearm out of the hands of the attacker. Simple retention tactics for the holster and the ready position, as well as long gun retention tactics.

Firearm Disarms- A course designed for law enforcement, security officers, and civilians who might find themselves facing a firearm threat. Learn simple gross-motor tactics to neutralize firearm threats. Taught only as a last resort survival option!
Defensive Pepper Spray
Complete course covering the defensive and tactical use of OC, otherwise known as pepper spray. Learn the basics of OC, how to carry, how and when to deploy, as well empty-hand defensive tactics to support the use of the OC. Course includes an inert OC trainer.
Defensive Folding Knife
This is a comprehensive yet simple course that provides the basics of using a knife for personal protection. Learn the legalities of carrying and using a knife for personal protection, learn the basic use-of-force model, basic grips, deployment, cutting patterns, body positioning, and much more.
Fighting Machete
A comprehensive program designed to teach the student how to combatively utilize a machete or other short sword for self-defense. Learn proper grips, strikes, retention, and more. Perfect for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts.
Expandable Baton
This is a streamlined course covering the various aspects of the expandable baton. Learn baton anatomy, grips, deployment, strikes, blocks, retention, and more. Perfect for security personnel and security-minded civilians.
Fighting Tomahawk
A comprehensive program designed to teach the student how to combatively utilize a tomahawk, hatchet, mini-axe, or a utility shovel. Learn proper grips, strikes, retention, and more. Perfect for military personnel and outdoor enthusiasts.
Improvised Weapons
Complete spectrum of improvised weapon techniques and tactics. Learn how to use personal and environmental objects to improve your survival odds. Learn: which everyday objects can and cannot be used for defensive purposes, how to grip the objects, how to strike, which vital targets to emphasize, and more.
Defensive Walking Cane
A basic course which provides a solid understanding of how to use a walking cane for personal protection. Learn: anatomy of the cane, how to hold the cane, how to block using the cane, how to strike, and more. The advanced course goes beyond the basics and teaches various joint-locks, takedowns, and throws with the walking cane.
Flexible Weapons
A unique course which provides life-saving tactics with the use of various flexible weapons including: bandannas, belts, ropes, chains, electric cords, telephone cords, etc. Learn how these inconspicuous items can be carried and used for personal protection. Includes, gripping flexible weapons, blocking/passing/deflecting with the weapon, as well as the basics of binding and choking.

Tactical Pen
A one-of-a-kind course that teaches participants how to to effectively protect themselves with a common ball-point pen or felt-tip marker. The course covers basic self-defense techniques and tactics as well as more advanced locks and control holds. Learn how and where to carry the pen, choosing a pen for self-defense, how to grip and deploy the pen, striking techniques, using the pen to enhance locks and holds, integration of empty-hand techniques, applying the pen in a lethal force situation, and much more. Perfectly legal and perfectly devastating!
Self-Defense Keychain
Complete spectrum of defensive tactics using a self-defense keychain commonly called a Kubotan or Pursuader. Complete personal protection in the palm of your hand! Learn: body positioning, how to grip the stick, how to block/pass/deflect with the stick, how to strike, how to transition to other similar hand-held objects, and more. Keychain provided free to each participant. Advanced course goes above and beyond basic self-defense into control and containment strategies including joint-locks, takedowns, and throws.
Tactical Flashlight
A simple but effective course addressing the essential elements of using a handheld flashlight for self-defense. Covers- protective positions, grips, blocks, striking techniques, empty-hand integration, enhancing joint locks, visual distraction techniques, and more.
FAST Defense Against Armed Attackers
Emphasis on understanding and harnessing the power of adrenaline to successfully escape various weapon attacks.

Standing Static Attack Defenses against:

Knife to the throat
Gun to the head
Rear threats with both knives and guns
Rear choke attack with a knife

FAST Defense Stress Shooting
Learn how to responsibly carry and use a firearm for personal protection. This unique course provides participants with the experience of choosing and applying appropriate use of lethal force in the adrenal stress state, the full spectrum of appropriate use of force skills with a handgun, and it helps participants to make an educated decision on whether or not they want to own/carry a handgun for personal protection.


When to draw a firearm
Static sighted fire vs adrenal stress point shooting
Verbal skills to deter an attack
Adrenal stress shooting with live aggressors

Force-on-Force Firearms Training
Through the use of scenario-based simulations this course provides participants with effective techniques, tactics, and strategies for surviving a lethal force encounter. Going beyond the Stress Shooting course!

Simple ways to improve the fundamentals of Stress Shooting
Defensive drills that can be practiced at home with little cost
Drills for transitioning from the range to force-on-force scenarios
Scenario simulations that integrate all components through the adrenal state