Upcoming personal safety courses, seminars, and workshops
FAST Defense Against Armed Assailants
Sunday Feb 19, 1-4pm
Kosciusko YMCA -Warsaw
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FAST Defense Active Shooter Event
Saturday Feb 25, 1-4:30pm
Kosciusko YMCA -Warsaw
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USCCA Basic Handgun
Saturday Mar 4, 1-5pm
Eagle Creek Firearms -Warsaw, IN
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Stop Assault FAST Level 1
Sunday Mar 5, 1-4:30pm
Kosciusko YMCA -Warsaw, IN
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Women's ONLY- Defensive Shooting Skills
Thursday Mar 9, 6:30-7:30pm
Eagle Creek Firearms -Warsaw, IN
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Stress Shooting Defensive Handgun
Saturday Mar 18, 1-5pm
Eagle Creek Firearms -Warsaw, IN
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Women's ONLY- Fight Back FAST
Saturday Apr 8, 1-5pm
Kosciusko YMCA -Warsaw, IN
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FAST Defense Against Multiple Assailants
Saturday May 13, 1-4:30pm
ATA Excellence Martial Arts -Kendallville, IN
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FAST Defense Ground Fighting- Multiple Assailants
Sunday May 14, 1-4:30pm
ATA Excellence Martial Arts -Kendallville, IN
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Offering Self-Defense, Personal Safety, and Crime Prevention courses

Self-Defense Courses

FAST Defense - (Stop Assault FAST 1)
The full toolkit of the ABC's of FAST Defense:

FAST Defense - (Stop Assault FAST 2)
Begins where "Stop Assault FAST 1" ends. Learn to further turn fear into power through dynamic verbal and physical scenarios.

FAST Defense - (Stop Bullies FAST)
The BEST investment you can make in your child's well being.

FAST Defense - (Stop Predators FAST for Kids)
-Participants will learn simple yet effective strategies to detect and avoid a potential stranger abduction. Suitable for ages 6-12.

FAST Defense - (Ground Fighting 1)
Combining the power of adrenaline with simple and effective skills that can be used to escape ground assaults.

Self-Defense for Women
A complete yet condensed self-defense system consisting of basic awareness, mind-set development, verbal self-defense, and physical defense skills. Rape awareness and prevention is a subset of this course.

Self-Defense Against Multiple Attackers
Facing a threat from multiple attackers is a common occurrence these days. This course is designed to deal with this threat.

Self-Defense In Confined Spaces
A program designed to teach simple and natural strategies for successfully managing physical assaults inside automobiles, buses, planes, and other confined spaces.

Self-Defense for Teens
A complete yet condensed self-defense system consisting of basic awareness, mind-set development, and physical defense skills. Designed for both boys and girls ages 14 and older.

Self-Defense for Seniors
A simple course designed to provide seniors with useful and effective self-defense skills that require little training.

Kid Escape- Child Abduction Prevention
A simple but effective child abduction prevention program, including awareness and physical tactics that children can use to keep larger and stronger adults from carrying them off.

Weapon Use & Defense Courses

W.A.S.P. - Weapon Assault Survival Principles
This simple course is designed to teach participants to successfully deal with various types of weapons assaults... Defend against knife, club, gun, and improvised weapon attacks!

Firearm Retention and Defense Tactics
Firearm Retention- Learn to keep your firearm out of the hands of the attacker.

Firearm Defense- Learn simple gross-motor tactics to neutralize firearm threats. Taught only as a last resort survival option!

Defensive Pepper Spray
Learn the basics of OC, how to carry, how and when to deploy, as well empty-hand defensive tactics to support the use of the OC. Course includes an inert OC trainer.

Defensive Knife
Learn the legalities of carrying and using a knife for personal protection, learn the basic use-of-force model, basic grips, deployment, cutting patterns, body positioning, and much more.

Fighting Machete
A comprehensive program designed to teach the student how to combatively utilize a machete or other short sword for self-defense.

Expandable Baton
This is a streamlined course covering the various aspects of the expandable baton.

Fighting Tomahawk
A comprehensive program designed to teach the student how to combatively utilize a tomahawk, hatchet, mini-axe, or a utility shovel.

Improvised Weapons
Learn how to use personal and environmental objects to improve your survival odds.

Defensive Walking Cane
A basic course which provides a solid understanding of how to use a walking cane for personal protection.

Flexible Weapons
A unique course which provides life-saving tactics with the use of various flexible weapons including: bandannas, belts, ropes, chains, electric cords, telephone cords, etc.

Tactical Pen
A one-of-a-kind course that teaches participants how to to effectively protect themselves with a common ball-point pen or felt-tip marker.

Self-Defense Keychain
Complete spectrum of defensive tactics using a self-defense keychain commonly called a Kubotan or Pursuader. Complete personal protection in the palm of your hand!

Tactical Flashlight
A simple but effective course addressing the essential elements of using a handheld flashlight for self-defense.

FAST Defense Against Armed Attackers
Emphasis on understanding and harnessing the power of adrenaline to successfully escape various weapon attacks.

FAST Defense- (Ground Fighting 2)
Simple and effective defensive skills against armed assailants while on the ground.

Stress Shooting Defensive Handgun
Learn how to responsibly carry and use a firearm for personal protection through adrenal stress training.

Beyond Stress Shooting (Force-on-Force Firearms Training)
Through the use of scenario-based simulations this course provides participants with effective techniques, tactics, and strategies for surviving a lethal force encounter.

USCCA Concealed Carry Course
A comprehensive classroom course designed for those that currently carry a concealed firearm for self-defense or have plans to in the future. The course includes the use of SIRT training pistols on a "virtual range".

USCCA Basic Handgun Course
Learn the fundamentals of using a handgun for self-defense through this USCCA classroom course which includes the use of SIRT training pistols on a "virtual range".

USCCA Home Defense Course
This USCCA classroom course covers the fundamentals of owning and using a defensive firearm to protect self and others inside the home. The course includes the use of SIRT training pistols on a "virtual range".

Specialized Courses

Safety Solutions for the Family
A simple program designed to increase the safety of the family as a whole.

Outdoor Safety Solutions
A simple program designed for hikers, campers, and other outdoors enthusiasts. Covers simple and practical solutions for avoiding victimization while increasing the enjoyment of the great outdoors.

Personal Safety for the Physically Disabled
A unique program designed to teach disabled individuals how to keep themselves safe.

Contact Manipulation for Security Professionals
Going beyond the typical locks and control holds that rely on pain compliance, this comprehensive course covers the various aspects of "contact manipulation", a method of moving an attacker's body to a position of dis-advantage, allowing efficient subject control or quick and efficient finishing tactics.

Safety Solutions for Library Professionals
A library is a unique environment that often exposes the staff to a variety of safety and security concerns. This can range from an agitated patron that is upset over a late fine to an extremely violent situation like an active shooting. This program addresses many of the issues known to occur in the library setting.

Personal Safety for the Visually Impaired
This unique program is designed for anyone with low vision or blindness. It covers various aspects of personal safety and crime prevention as well as last-ditch physical skills that don't rely on sight.

Self-Defense for Flight Attendants
This program is designed to teach flight attendants how to protect themselves and their passengers.

Nonviolent Control Tactics for Medical Personnel
This simple but effective program teaches the essential skills for dealing with an agitated, hostile, and aggressive patient, visitor, or coworker.

Safety Solutions for Real Estate Agents
Selling homes can place real estate agents in various unsafe situations. This program addresses numerous safety concerns that are particularly important to real estate agents.

Safety Solutions for Nightclub Security
This program provides simple and effective control tactics as well as effective self-defense skills to night-club security personnel.

Safety Solutions for Delivery Personnel
Delivering food, products, or packages can expose drivers to various risks including armed robbery and physical assault. This program addresses these issues and more.

Nonviolent Control Tactics for Professional Educators
This simple but effective program teaches the essential skills for dealing with agitated, hostile, and aggressive students, parents, or other teachers.

Safety Solutions for Home Healthcare Providers
Providing home healthcare can represent various safety and security concerns. Everything from potential issues with client's family or friends to security concerns while traveling to and from work. This program addresses many of these issues and how to successfully deal with them.

Safety Solutions for Active Shooting Situations
Learn to properly deal with these extreme life-threatening situations in a logical manner.

Self-Defense for Professional Educators
This program goes above and beyond non-violent control tactics for agitated students. It covers simple but effective life-saving skills for extreme violent situations.

Developing the Defensive Mind-Set
A comprehensive course that provides step-by-step methods and drills for preparing the mind to successfully deal with crime and violence.

Personal Safety Unlimited is devoted to empowering lives through personal safety education and self-defense training.

PSU began in Warsaw, Indiana in 2003 under the name Integrated Self-Defense Systems. However, the name was later changed to Personal Safety Unlimited to better reflect our direction. We go above and beyond self-defense skills to address areas often neglected by others.

The priority of Personal Safety Unlimited is to provide training and practical solutions for dealing with crime, violence, and assault. The courses include knowledge and skills that can be easily learned and used effectively in potentially dangerous and violent situations.

This is the only organization of it's kind in Northern Indiana, specializing in self-defense and scenario based training. This includes self-defense courses for men and women, child abduction prevention, crime prevention, weapon defense and use, and much more...

PSU recognizes the need for everyone to be empowered with the knowledge and skills to keep themselves safe. With that in mind, programs are offered to men, women, teens, seniors, and children.


PSU is proud to be affiliated with these professional organizations

FAST Defense Logo
FAST Defense Global is an international organization devoted to empowering people through proper and effective adrenal response self-defense training.
The US Concealed Carry Association provides professional courses and effective safety education to those that seek to enhance their knowledge and skills regarding the legal carry and use of the personal protection firearm.
Kid Escape Logo
Kid Escape offers simple but effective abduction prevention courses to children of various ages.
The International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners is one of only a handful of professional organizations that ensure safer communities through crime prevention education.

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